50 years experience and up-to-date
{ know-how: our solid base

The story starts in Friuli in the 1950s: Giuliano Luvisoni founded the Company to sell wood, mainly imported from nearby Austria. With time the market changed, evolved, grew… new requirements, more particular needs to respond to, with professionalism, competence and helpfulness, Luvisoni-style. A wider supply was made available, the raw materials were imported from Asia, America, Africa as requested by furniture-makers, framers, interior designers, joiners, parquet-layers. Today, the foundations of G. Luvisoni & Co. rest on a vast background of acquired know-how and competences, constantly updated (because the market never sleeps)…

G. Luvisoni & Co., the management
From the left: Alessandro Caprile, Antonio Caprile, Giuliano Luvisoni, Andrea Ceschiutti, Piero Luvisoni